Angels Camp

The “City of Angels” is the only incorporated town in Calaveras County. It has a charming main street full of intriguing little shops and cafe restaurants, a farmers market in the summer and a vintage movie theatre. Inset into the sidewalk are the names of frogs who have jumped the furthest in the annual Jumping Frog Jubilee. Names like “Rosie the Ribeter” who set the current world’s record, at over 21 feet in 1986. The people know how to laugh, and are very friendly with tourists.

Angels Camp is ideally situated at 1,379 feet elevation with a population of 3,150. Angels Camp is high enough to be above the winter valley fog and the extreme summer heat and below most of the winter snow. This quaint foothill town was founded in 1848, two years later Placer gold was discovered. Angels Camp’s greatest prosperity came with the deep gold mines between 1880 and 1920. Many of the original 1800s buildings with thick stone walls and iron shutters remain. At one time the city vibrated with the roar of stamp mills, the music of saloons and dance halls.